When You Ask a 4-Year-Old To Watch Your Bicycle

Kids have a different optic.

Adelina Vasile
2 min readSep 6, 2022


Blue and white bicycles on a black background like in a hand draw.
Photo by Matteo Stroppaghetti on Unsplash

Grandpa takes Matthew for an evening ride on his bicycle.

The first stop is at the pharmacy.

How do you make an energy-bursting 4-year-old who just slept 3 hours at noon stand still while you’re staying in line?

You give him something to do.

Something extremely important. Like keeping an eye on the bicycle so it won’t get stolen from the street.

Matthew takes such quests very seriously.

So, he’s sitting there, inside the pharmacy, right next to the window, with his eyes glued to the heavily locked bicycle from outside and his toes tingling.

One minute passes, then another one and another one, but how much can a boy endure?

Eventually, he decides to report on the situation.

-Grandpa, looks like no one is interested in your bicycle!

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