Some would argue it should be called gambling, not trading.

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Study shows obesity can spread from person to person. Still, that’s not why we‘re breaking up.

Photo by Karsten Winegeart on Unsplash — Wait, did you call me to exercise together? I could swear I heard you saying extra-fries!

The prehistoric-old-fashioned way.

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Intermittent fasting should not put you into starvation mode

My past 19 articles in a row were chosen for further distribution and I don’t know why.

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Where I’m standing

Why we got success and happiness all wrong.

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The future of food belongs to robots and some hurry to invest in it.

A slice of pizza rised from a full pizza, with melted cheese dripping from it.

Fire needs air. So does your relationship. Take these two steps.

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The long-term effects of fear-based discipline on your child. And the better alternative.

Green-eyed brunette girl with her nose and lips covered by a turquoise strip of fabric, with only her forehead and eyes visible.
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I wonder how multiplying love and worry while dividing every other resource would help a first-born…

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Hint: what are you focusing on?

Brown-haired, green-eyed woman watching from behind a green-leafed bush, with only her eyes and eyebrows barely visible.
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Adelina Vasile

Mother, writer, thinker. Striving to be the change I want to see in the world.

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