A Play Pretend Scenario Not Quite As You’d Expect

Fresh market or fast food?

Adelina Vasile
2 min readSep 3, 2022


Picture of a hamster that looks like cooking in a toy kitchen.
Photo by FurbyMama on Pixabay

Matthew has taken out his toy kitchen on the balcony.

Rather than spending time cooking, he’s banging the railing with a broomstick — his definition of inviting customers to buy food.

-What are you selling, Matthew? I ask full of hope for an answer involving healthy food.

-Fast food, comes the answer.

-Oh, but I see you have some plastic fruits and veggies. It looks more like a fresh market than fast food to me.

-No, mom, I’m running a fast food over here.

(and the banging won’t stop)

-But Matthew, we’ve talked about how fast food is getting people sick. Why would you sell food that harms people? I try my luck one more time.

He stops the banging briefly as if some kind of remorse was trying to get into his little head. But no.

-Mom, I’m not getting everyone sick—only the ones who want to buy fast food.

And the banging won’t stop.

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