What Giving Up Control Will Teach You About Your Child

Don’t you want to see them independent and capable?

Adelina Vasile


Image by Carlos Barengo from Pixabay

Relatives providing child care is the ideal solution for exhausted parents. But we all want our families to care for our children on our terms.

Would you let grandma or auntie look after your little one even if you know they’ll let them binge-watch cartoons or overdose on candies?

Are you feeling torn between the need of being a few hours away from your kid and giving up on your control as a parent?

Does the thought of letting your child with someone you know will bend your rules make you furious?

If you answered yes to all these questions, here’s why you should still consider letting those family members step in.

You Can’t and Shouldn’t Protect Your Child Forever From Everyone

Overprotection will make your child miserable.

So, when you find yourself trying to avoid an experience because you think you need to protect your child from something, reflect on that something a little longer.

Junk food?

That’s terrible, but it’s also part of life. They’ll bump into it pretty much anywhere.



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