Well, it's hard to feel excitement for a crying pooping potato, but this is precisely how things are supposed to be. He's still so small at 2.5 months and he can barely make much sense of this world. He can't even distinguish the full color spectrum until he's about 5 months old, and many other things are overwhelming for your little potato. Crying is his talking. No one told you it's going to be that hard. No one tells everyone. Or even if they tell you, you can't possibly understand what it means, until you're in the middle of it. And then, it's overwhelming for you too, not just for the baby. It takes patience and time. You're already showing that you're willing to give your best. Keeping giving your best, and your baby will reward you in infinite ways, just when you expect it the least. A wonderful life awaits you. Give it time. Process what you feel. Don't obsess on what you should be feeling. Just show up and give it time!

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