We Can’t Help But Compare Ourselves To Others

Adelina Vasile
4 min readJan 19, 2021

So, we might as well choose our standards carefully

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It was 9 AM, in New York City, on 11th of April 1983. This young, troubled, aspiring rockstar dealing with a gruesome hangover was woken up by his friends only to find out he was being kicked out of the band. Lead guitarist and co-founder, obliged to leave the band through the back door, right before officially recording his first album.

He was having severe drug and alcohol problems, topped with overly aggressive behavior. Of course, all these didn’t stop him from feeling oppressed and deciding to make them all pay.

On a bus heading to Los Angeles, he swore that his only goal in life would be to make his former bandmates regret giving up on him. He would make his own band and become so successful that they would see his face everywhere for years to come and regret the decision every day of their lives.

Of course, he had some small impediments — no money, no other job, no potential bandmates, and only the option of living with his mom.

Still, that didn’t stop him from founding a band during the same year. What he started under the name of Fallen Angels didn’t last. Yet, by next year, he has already founded a band that will sell over 25 million records.

Photo by Diego Mora Barrantes on Unsplash

The guitar player was Dave Mustaine. His outrageously successful band was Megadeath. This is the story of one of the most brilliant and influential musicians in heavy metal music history.

One might say he achieved his goals. He became successful. He brought his former bandmates in tears for making him go.

Only that he didn’t. Twenty years later, and despite his immense success, Mustaine is still the one in tears. Because the band he was kicked out of, back in 1983, is Metallica. And Metallica sold over 180 million records around the world.

During an interview in 2003, Dave Mustain says he still can’t help but consider himself a loser. Despite all of his accomplishments, he still sees himself as the kicked-out musician from Metallica.



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