Use This Welcome Email Formula To Turn Subscribers Into Paying Customers

Don’t lose them at “Hello”.

Adelina Vasile
10 min readMar 17, 2023
Photo by Arina Krasnikova on Pexels

The other day, some guy was chirping on Twitter that if you’ve ever been on a date, you can do email marketing.

He was like — Hey, your email content is an introduction. And the CTA is asking them out. And if they accept, you have a purchase.

I couldn’t help but ask him: is it successful if you don’t get a second date?

Because, who wants to binge date?

Also, don’t you think email marketing isn’t dating?

It’s more like marriage.

When people get on your list, you want them to get involved and stay there long enough to repeatedly buy from you.

You want the happily-ever-after with them, not the dumped-after-getting-laid.

But if happily-ever-after is what you want, why would you text them this 👇?

Hi, First Name,

Thank you for registering. Click on the link below to confirm your registration and get the freebie we promised you.

Seriously, There’s a Link in Here

Best regards,

Blah-Blah Company



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