To the Mother Sending Her Child to Preschool for the First Time

Doesn’t it feel all too familiar?

Adelina Vasile


A simbol of setting children free for first time to preschool — black and white image of a small boy raising his hand towards a butterfly, with a large tree and floating flowers and leaves in the background.
Image by Rheo from Pixabay

Your child’s first day of preschool is a first for you too.

Or is it more like a second?

Rewind to a time when you’ve held your child as close to you as possible.

They were glued to you. Day and night. You felt their every move, jolt, hiccup. You cuddled and rocked them. Day in, day out.

It was tiring but also beautiful. Or just tiring.

Still, you were growing together. You were their first, their last, their everything, just like today, on their first day of preschool.

Then, something happened.

Th time has come.

You had to let them go just a little bit, so they could come out as the wonderful baby they were and land straight back into your loving arms soon after.

It felt like agony.

You were both scared and excited. It hurt and it made your heart sing. At times, you doubted you could do it. But you did it anyway.

Naturally, you couldn’t do it alone. You couldn’t do it at home, just the two of you. You had to put your trust in someone else.

You’ve put not only your trust but your life in someone’s hands. A professional who picked your precious tiny baby, helping them come into this world and become.

They took the baby out of your womb and put them back into your arms.

After what felt like endless nights of tossing around in bed with a belly as big and round as a full moon, you birthed them.

And then?

The tossing didn’t stop. Never will.

The carousel of emotions won’t stop either — it’s an amusement park that doesn’t close at night.

You were still together, day in, day out. This time, it wasn’t just your belly that seemed to hang outside your body.

Your heart too.

You’ve been living with a part of your heart outside your body for the past few years.

Now, it’s time for their first day of preschool.



Adelina Vasile

Mother, educator, journalist, copywriter. I write about the things I need to learn myself.