To Spend or Not To Spend on Children’s Furniture and Pinterest Rooms?

That’s not even a question.

Adelina Vasile
2 min readMar 17, 2022


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Children’s rooms are so cute, but they are not meant to stay cute.

Everything you see in magazines or online (Pinterest, I’m looking at you) is just pure fantasy. Usually, a parent’s fantasy.

So, if you’re ever in doubt about spending money on children’s furniture, I hope you’ll make up your mind instantly and just don’t.

Don’t, because:

  1. You don’t want your child’s room to have more furniture than free space.
  2. The same oversized images from wallpapers and carpets will only get them bored in the long run.
  3. You can invest the money in more valuable things like books, creative toys, and art supplies they’ll use to create their own replaceable decors.

If you think of it…

Children should spend as much time outdoors as possible. And when at home, they need space to move, jump, crawl or improvise constructions.

They need a space that fosters learning, which is a space you can adapt and adjust as you see fit.

A space where you can pretend you’re cooking or organizing a supermarket in the morning, only to clear it up and pretend you go camping with a tent in the afternoon.

A space where you can hang pictures of bees and flowers this week, followed by wild animals or stars and planets the next one.

If you throw a rug with an “educational” theme like a road with traffic lights and cars, and some wallpaper with an oversized Elsa or Olaf, they will get tiring and boring soon.

Small children, even the ones in kindergarten, don’t even need to have tables and chairs.

All they need is…

A parent willing to roll on the floor with them and, like I said, space:

  • Empty space that allows them to move (thus stimulating their proprioceptive senses) and use their creativity.
  • Expositional space where they can hang artwork and change it periodically.
  • Storage space that gives them easy access to the toys they love…



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