The Story That Made Me Unfollow Jessica Wildfire

And just like that, I became unfluenced.

Adelina Vasile


Photo from Pixabay

I wasn’t going to write about this.

Then, it happened. I met a woman at the park, with her 5-ish-year-old daughter.

This woman was so beautiful and so sad. She wasn’t looking at me. And when I first talked to her, she didn’t even hear me.

It was only the two of us at the playground — and our children roaming around — and it didn’t occur to her I might be talking to her. Or maybe she was lost in another world. Her world before the war.

She was a Ukrainian refugee, trying to give a sense of normalcy to their torn-apart life, by taking her daughter to this park from a foreign country, in a foreign world.

She barely spoke English, but we smiled at each other a lot more once I explained to her that my son was eager to play with her daughter and he didn’t have the courage, so he sent me to ask her to play with him.

That’s when I was reminded of Jessica’s story that I tried to read earlier that day.

I tried, but I couldn’t.

It felt outrageous to me for her to equal what’s happening in Ukraine with the way she’s currently living in the land of all opportunities.

I like Jessica for many different reasons.

We’re parents of single children of relatively the same age, sharing the same concerns about living in a never-again-free-of-covid world when we have children we currently cannot vaccinate.

Like her, I tend to go against the grain. And to watch a teacher write argumentative essays, read them, and learn from them was something I truly enjoyed.

I’ve been hearing others accusing her of intentionally anticipating the worse or maximizing the evil in everything, yet I kept thinking she’s not that bad.

Then, she became. She surfed the wave of the Ukrainian tragedy claiming that what’s happening to that country could happen in America, too.

And that wasn’t even the worst part.

She didn’t just claim America could be bombed like Ukraine out of the blue. She claimed that it is already as worse in America as it is in…



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