Adelina Vasile
1 min readNov 4, 2021


That is interesting. I actually used the T2 for the subtitles.

I'm wondering why do you say that all the T2 formatting is lost when you're using Bold throughout the text, as long as bold and T2 are two different formatting options?

Why would Google mistake the B with the T2?


Some writers only rely on their ability to write.

Others like to use any trick they can to push their ability to write in front of more eyes.

I guess every option is fine, as long as the one who chooses it is happy with it and the results it generates.

My two cents - "build it, and they will come" used to work well back in the days where only a few were building.

These days, so many people are building and even more are screaming that they're building when they're not doing it so much.

These days, it could work better to "build it, and let everyone know that you've built it" - otherwise, they may not come, or take them a really long time to come when they could have found you much faster.



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