Spot on, Eva!

My husband, who has been running a small business since he was in his 20s, has recently agreed to commit to being 7 hours a day at the disposal of one of its old-time clients.

He's sort of an employee, with a bit of extra flexibility.

And this is precisely what he told me the other day - it feels so much better to be able to work without worrying about all the other things: taxes, keeping customers happy as if your whole business depends on it, taking money out of your pocket to fund expenses you're only going to have refunded a lot later down the road, and so on.

He concluded with: I'm afraid that I like it. I like having a job instead of being an entrepreneur.

I'm still in shock :)) but I guess we'll figure it out down the road. The point is, you're so... to the point with all this!

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