So, so beautiful, in theory.

But like many other philosophies, it is easier in theory than in practice.

Perhaps back in the days when its principles were developed, it was slightly easier to adhere to it?

These days, however, with so much noise, so many temptations, the constant pressure of doing more, having more, not missing on the big things that seem to happen everywhere around us, it's such a big fog standing in between us and the clarity of the stoic principles.

I particularly enjoy no 6 - "See the good in everything".

Perhaps it's because I get to watch my three-year-old every day getting himself into trouble and giving himself the pep talk.

If he's falling off a chair, he says something along the lines, "It's a good thing that I didn't get hurt" :D

But, I digress. We're all having our ups and downs. If we learn to seek the positive in everything, we're only going to experience positive things, right? :)



I write about the things I need to learn myself.

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