Read This if Your Little Boy Doesn’t Seem To Listen What You Say

Is it really a listening problem?

Adelina Vasile


Little boy with a yellow cap and green overalls, playing in a puddle with a blue car.
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Parents often complain about their kids not listening to them.

When they say it, they mean the kids won’t do what they’re asked to.

But what if the kids don’t have a listening problem and rather a hearing problem?

Or a different kind of problem altogether?

Wouldn’t you want to investigate all the potential causes before assuming (and shaming your child) that they don’t listen?

Of course, you would. So, why do small children and boys, in particular, have difficulties in responding?

It could be just the way they are wired

Small children can’t hold two thoughts at the same time in their heads.

They live in the moment and become fully immersed in whatever they are doing.

This is the reason why you’ll find them playing with a car on their way to putting their shoes on — they just found it there, wanted to play with it, and they completely and genuinely forgot about where they were heading to.

Same with getting dressed in the morning. You send them to their room only to find them naked and playing on the floor 15 minutes later.

Same with turning off the TV while you’re yelling at them from the kitchen that the time is up.

More often than not, when our small children “don’t listen” — as in don’t react the way we demand or expect — it’s because something else has taken over their minds and they might have shut off external communication.

All their senses are involved in what they’re currently doing. They can’t pick up any other external stimuli that aren’t scary or life-threatening.

Cue their immediate reaction when you turn into a dragon and start yelling that they’re not listening.

But here’s one way you can test if this is the cause.

Blond boy with green eyes and headphones on his ears, looks towards the camera and seems not to hear
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