Parents, Could This Be a Child Molester?

The red flags of child predators aren’t always red from the start.

Adelina Vasile
4 min readAug 31, 2022
Scary image with a young girl sitting at the top of some stairs.
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What would you think of this man who…

Brags how much he loves children.

Salutes and happily talks to all the kids who pass on the street.

Takes pride in asking them tricky questions, to test them and see “how smart they are”.

Asks them to do groceries for him and lets them buy a little treat for themselves from his money.

Invites them to play in his yard and with his dogs.

Keeps saying how much he enjoys interacting with the kids and how his yard was full of little ones during the pandemic…

He’s in his sixties and he spends hours each day sitting on a bench in front of his house, with a couple of neighbors.

He’s the one who greets from a distance whatever child pops up on the street.

He’s the funny one, who shows interest in them but also in their parents.

He’s the chatty one.

The one whose house door is always open for anyone.

He has two grown-up children and a granddaughter. I’ve met his son and granddaughter and saw pictures of his daughter because he has…



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