One Trick That Makes Personal Brands Lovable

One of the coolest I learned from Laura Belgray

Adelina Vasile
4 min readMar 30


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For years, THE DREAM used to be: make money online.

But as the online got crowded, THE DREAM turned into: make money online by being yourself.

By being yourself… It sounds like fantasy, doesn’t it?

Until I discovered Laura F****** Belgray, I thought it was impossible.

Yet this woman has been doing it for years. On her website, one line, in particular, will grab you by the eyeballs:

Ahhh, the taste of getting paid to be you.

Here, straight from

Don’t you love her already?

I know I do.

She’s living proof that you can be paid to be yourself. And I’ve been binging her ever since I fell flat on her website.

I even got her special Hero bundle, including an email copywriting mini-course, a storytelling workshop, and a guide to writing killer launch email campaigns.

But that one trick that makes personal brands lovable? The trick that I find incredibly effective, obvious, and outrageously overlooked?

That one wasn’t included in her paid courses, but laying out in the wild.

And ever since I read about it, I keep bumping into marketing Twitter threads to which I want to scream the same trick, again and again, as a reply.

So, I thought that instead of screaming at people on Twitter and tagging Laura Belgray ad nauseam, I’ll share it here with you all.


Here it is…

The one trick that makes personal brands lovable

…coming from the amazing Laura F****** Belgray, is this:

Image by Alexander Lesnitsky from Pixabay



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