Oh, your closure isn't quite fair, Tamil! What parent can decide for just one favorite part? I'm struggling over here trying to choose between:

Hearing small bare feet running on the cold floor tiles in the morning, as I drink my coffee in the kitchen and my favorite person comes to see what's for breakfast;

Constantly having a tiny, very warm body stuck to mine at night, like a personal stove;

The surprise of hearing grown-up phrases coming out of a small mouth, like "How are you feeling, mommy?", "Don't you worry, mommy!", "How did you sleep last night?", "Did you miss me while I was at the park?"

...and probably a few others that would take too much space here :D

I really enjoyed reading these fun bits. As always, Sahana has a way with words that leaves you open-mouthed. Things can only get more and more exciting for your family as she's growing older :)

Thank you for the opportunity of counting our blessings as parents! And for the unexpected shout out, of course!

Wishing you the best for 2022, beautiful days and moments with your family, health above all, joy, smiles, good times - covid-free (hopefully)

Have a ball, my dearest!

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