Oh, but wait, I was under the impression that men, just like women, have the choice in the first place of whether to have sex or not. And along with that choice, they are taking responsibility for whatever else (other than pleasure) comes out of having sex. It's crazy to shame people for premarital sex, yes. But it's even crazier to assume you can turn around and leave a human being (that you accidentally conceived) struggle through life because you have the right to choose. To me, this choice goes along the lines of "your freedom ends where mine begins". The child didn't choose to be conceived. Why should the father have the right to choose to ignore that child? Even if a mistake, it's a mistake that the "author" would have to take responsibility for.


Aspiring toddler taming master, part-time (copy)writer. Hit me up at adelinanvasile@gmail.com

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