Now, you see what you did? You've made me stare at my profile picture for way too long, trying to remember when, why, and what.

Question: are you using "intriguing" in a good or bad way? I tend to associate it with "interesting"... That interesting when someone serves you Indian food cooked with Arabic spices, and you must tell them how much you like it, and you can't come up with anything better than "it's interesting", so you won't hurt their feelings...

I digress. You asked me something, so I should spill. Only that I won't spill. I'll leave it at this:

Oh, that picture? It was just me, playing with the camera, trying to pose as Monna Adelisa. Did I get it right? No? Not really? Perhaps I should have tilted my head a bit more to my right and let my look gaze a bit more to the left? Shit, after so much analysis, I, too, am getting the feeling that I've chosen an intriguing pose. And you know how I feel about this word!



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Adelina Vasile

Mother, educator, journalist. I write about the things I need to learn myself.