Not necessarily everything, but I did notice the three dots. Just like I noticed Smillew's face on that picture at the beginning of the story. Just like I noticed you did not answer my question regarding where did that story disappear.

I don't get to comment on everything I notice about your stories. Don't want to feed your green icon addiction too much (:P) plus if I say too many things, not sure I'll get answers to all of them.

With the 100 skills, I believe I was on my PC, which is probably why I noticed Smillew's face. I don't generally comment about Smillew, I thought it was his right to make comments about his face. It was a photo with soldiers, more close-up faces, with Hogan the cherry on top, I figured it had to be some other familiar face in there too. So, my eyes slid to Smillew's smiley face at the left, which kind of fit perfectly given the black hat from his profile picture and the dark background of the picture where you added it.

To keep it short-ish (if it's not too late for that), I would say it's a lot more than 60% mobile readers. It was 68% according to this article in 2019 - Could it be more today? Or because of the pandemic and people being more at home, it could be slightly less? I, for one, jump from mobile to PC like a bee from flower to flower, can't be trusted to fit one of the two in any poll.



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Adelina Vasile

Mother, educator, journalist. I write about the things I need to learn myself.