Nocebo, the Opposite of a Placebo

If positive thinking can heal you, negative thinking can kill you.

Adelina Vasile


Image by maryannandco photography from Pixabay

The placebo effect is one of the most fascinating things in the medical field.

Taking a pill that contains no medicine and getting cured simply because you believe you will is mindboggling.

And it’s great when your mind makes you experience good things.

But how about when the same mind is hurting you?

Nocebo isn’t what some may think

It’s not the same as not finding a parking spot when going to a crowded place because you thought about it all the way while driving there.

And it’s not the same as “I always pick the line with the longest waiting time” you often tell yourself, either.

Sure, those are negative instances, but not caused by your mind. You only hold them as your truth because your brain is wired to favor remembering negative events.

You’ve picked lines with shorter waiting times before.

Yet the first time you’ll end up waiting for longer than you’re comfortable, you won’t remember those times you’ve made the “right” choice, right?



Adelina Vasile

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