A World of Unicorns Without Horns and Your Child

How not to chip a unicorn’s spiraled horn.

Adelina Vasile
3 min readMar 15, 2022


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The moment they put that child into your arms, you instinctively tell yourself — “I can’t believe this child is mine.

Just watch yourself out whenever you say mine.

No child is ours per se. Only ours to love, nurture, and help them grow wings and roots.

By how we think about them, the place and role we give them into our lives, and our behavior towards them, we teach children the lesson of freedom.

Children will learn early on:

1. Either that they are autonomous human beings
2. Or that they belong to us and must fit our expectations, desires, and needs.

It’s all on us to teach children that they are free human beings who don’t belong to anyone but themselves.

Children are born unicorns

The world is full of once-upon-a-time unicorns who lost their horns in childhood.

Parents who unknowingly wither their children’s sense of freedom are slowly chipping away at their spiraled horn.

What you believe about your children turns into a message that will imprint their minds and hearts from an early age.

So, remember, you haven’t picked them. They were simply laid into your arms.

You may not know from what outer world they came from. But you know you have a mission to help them find their way into the world they landed in.

You’ve set foot together in an adventure. Do not cling onto them and drag them down under your weight.

Instead, take a step away from them and enjoy the blessing you’ve been given. Enjoy them and the road you were gifted with.

How not to chip away their spiraled horns

See your child as an autonomous human being, with the right to choose and the right to oppose.

Teach them that they’re free and that they belong to themselves.



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