Is Face-to-Face Crucial for Upwork Success?

Is there any workaround for the shy ones?

Adelina Vasile
6 min readNov 9, 2021


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Last week, I enjoyed reading Alexander J Porter’s jaw-dropping step-by-step “$0 to $50K on Upwork in Under 6 Months” roadmap.

Alexander’s tips are… well, the living proof that he totally deserves being the tier one talent out there.

Still, not all writers will feel at ease with his suggestions. Take, for instance, face-to-face contact.

Alexander says:

Without face-to-face contact, you’re only as good as your reviews.

And fellow writer Kristina God raises a question that many new Upwork writers might have:

When you say face-to-face is crucial, do you mean showing your face with your image video or do you consult your clients face-to-face?

New, non-native Upwork writers have this in common

Kristina, who is not a native, would love to offer her services on Upwork, but she’s a bit afraid of talking.

Non-natives who do an excellent job at writing in English can often feel nervous at the thought of speaking in English.

It’s only natural since writing activates different neural paths than talking.

I wanted to answer Kristina within Alexander’s comment section, but I realized I was writing a veeeeery long comment, so I took it here.

I hope you’ll find at least a bit of value in this Kristina :D You, and all the other writers who are looking into making Upwork an income stream!

The short answer: you don’t have to show your face, but you will work harder to earn more. If you show your face, you don’t have to do both — the video presentation and the face-to-face client calls — you can try just one and see how you’re doing.

Now, for the long answer:

The more you charge, the more you have to show up

I think it was Chris Orzechowski from The Email Copywriter (whose writing chops I adore, by the way), who said something along the lines of:

If you’re ever going…



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