“If I knew you and you knew me”


by Nixon Waterman

Image by Michaela, at home in Germany • Thank you very much for a like from Pixabay

To know all is to forgive all

“If I knew you and you knew me,

If both of us could clearly see,

And with an inner sight divine,

The meaning of your heart and mine,


I’m sure that we would differ less,

And clasp our hands in friendliness;

Our thoughts would pleasantly agree,

If I knew you and you knew me.


If I knew you and you knew me,

As each one knows his own self, we

Could look each other in the face

And see therein a truer grace.


Life has so many hidden woes,

So many thorns for every rose;

The “Why” of things our hearts would see.

If I knew you and you knew me.”

by Nixon Waterman: “Boy Wanted: A Book of Cheerful Counsel” (1 January 1919)



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