Here’s to Another Runaway Year

“What the New Year brings to you will depend a great deal on what you bring to the New Year.”

Adelina Vasile
2 min readJan 2, 2022


Photo by Anastasiya Lobanovskaya on Pexels

I came, I saw, I left early” is every introvert’s strategy of surviving a party.

When you become a parent, you get an excuse. You’ve got to put the child to bed at a decent hour, right?

You can finally call a large group of people for what it is, which is a… “No, thanks”.

You can show off your skills of breaking out of any room as if it would be an escape room, all thanks to your superpower of disappearing.

And then, you get to experience the marvelous feeling of being fully awake at an hour when most people just went to bed.

Make it a 1st of January experience, and you’ll be entitled to feel like you’re ruling the world.

You’re checking your Happy New Year messages and chuckling at the thought of replying at 7AM instead of 12.30AM.

And then, you’re putting your phone away. Without replying.

It’s as if you’re afraid that everything you have will slip through your fingers.

You clench your fists and tell yourself what is now obvious.

You have everything you need. If you can keep it throughout the new year, you’ll remain rich.

How come we so rarely realize just how much we have and how privileged we actually are, before it’s already too late?

How come we always want more, run for more, look further away instead of taking a good look around and counting our blessings?

It isn’t until you risk losing everything that you realize you had everything.

For the new year, I’m looking forward to staying grounded, being aware of what I have, and enjoying it while I still have it.

I’m looking forward to:

  • Being more open to seeing myself;
  • Giving myself time, patience, love, and permission to make mistakes;
  • Taking the courage to ask, to risk, to open up;
  • Letting the pain go out and looking it in the eyes instead of hiding it away.



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