Funny but not so funny thing, I just did it today...

I happen to do it every two weeks, as I travel with my hub and baby boy to a property that belonged to my late father in law.

He died of cancer about 6 months ago. It was unexpected. Sudden. Rough.

He left us his little house, with three dogs and 4 ducks on the property, that we go care for about twice a month, leaving them plenty of food and water, and just checking on them.

Every time I look at my little boy and I remind myself of the grandfather he didn't get to know, I think about our mortality.

I guess we all think about it more often or not. Yet we do it with the proverbial 3-seconds memory span of the goldfish...

Then, we're back to the mistakes we keep doing :(



Adelina Vasile

Mother, educator, journalist, copywriter. I write about the things I need to learn myself.