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  • Whitney Hogue

    Whitney Hogue

    Xennial exploring feminism, photography, body neutrality, and grief.

  • Patrick Metzger

    Patrick Metzger

    Dilettante, smartass, apocalypticist. *See “Lists” for stories by genre.* Joining Medium? My referral link is https://medium.com/@patrick-metzger/membership

  • Zane Dickens

    Zane Dickens

    3x Top Writer of Sci-fi and Fantasy Flash Fiction. Founder and Chief Instigator at Microcosm. buymeacoffee.com/zane

  • Sianna Lani

    Sianna Lani

    Hawaii-based humorist | Quokka Whisperer | Tweet me @SiannaLani | Sianna.Lani@gmail.com

  • Ilam Padmanabhan

    Ilam Padmanabhan

    Pragmatic agilist, long career in building complex software. Love to read and write about leadership, writing, coaching, software development, agility, AI, book

  • Andrew Rodwin

    Andrew Rodwin

    Software engineer. Avid reader. Occasional writer.

  • Christina DeFeo

    Christina DeFeo

    Let’s play a game. Can you learn about me through my stories?

  • Gaurav Jain

    Gaurav Jain

    A man of few accomplishments - NY Times | A comatose dream snoozer - The Sun | My phone’s wallpaper - Mum | A pain in the ass - Wifey | Douche Rocket - Mama Ki

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