Do This To Double the Amount of Happiness You Get Out of Life

Your job is the key to both misery and happiness.

Adelina Vasile


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"It's never been easier to make a living by doing what you love, and folks are taking notice", said Zulie Rane in one of her latest stories about The Great RE-Employment.

This intro alone could make you feel like it's yet another article telling you to give up a comfy 9-to-5 and find your happiness through grueling solopreneurship.

But pay attention to the full title because it ends in "as side hustlers face reality".

Zulie is saying that many of the people who rushed to give up their jobs at the beginning of the pandemic are now looking into getting their jobs back.

They've discovered the harsh reality that being a full-time, independent creator is not for the faint-hearted. And that they have traded the misery at work for the misery of working from home for themselves.

At the same time, another article on the same topic grabbed me by the eyeballs as it was sitting in my Recommended For You feed.

Tim Denning recently published the story "The Great Resignation Is Stupid", where he argues that "we've been trying to quit our jobs since forever".

He claims that bosses have been put on notice and that what follows is actually "The Great Boss Annihilation".

What's all this supposed to mean?

It means people want to be happier, and they have realized that their job plays a significant role in the equation.

Nobody expects to fall in love with their jobs, but we all wish not to dread the thought of going to work every. single. day.

We're looking for a change. To some of us, that change is to annihilate bosses and work solo. To others, it's ditching the many side hustles and getting back to a full-time job. There are also those who are still juggling both.

You don't need to make a job out of your passion. You don't need to be crazy in love with what you do for a living. You only need to get interested in your job.

In 1948 Dale Carnegie published his now-famous "How to Stop Worrying and Start Living".



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