Crypto Trading Hamster Outperforms Bitcoin And Other Big Players?

Some would argue it should be called gambling, not trading.

Adelina Vasile


Photo by Silje Roseneng on Unsplash

Meet Mr. Goxx, the world’s first crypto asset trading hamster who happens to make a killing these days and outperform the big players like Bitcoin, S&P 500, and Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway.

The “news” that caught my eye came with the Stacked Marketer newsletter from Outbrain, a newsletter that I very much enjoy reading for its handpicked marketing news and tips.

I had to read it, obviously. It seemed intriguing. But note the quotation marks I used! After all, the guys from Stacked Marketer listed it underneath their Poolside Chat section because, in all fairness, this crypto-trading hamster genius isn’t much of a trader, but somewhat a gambler:

Picture of a gray hamster in front and columns of yellow coins behind him, on a purple background, depicting an article about the crypto-trading hamster that outperformed Bitcoin, S&P 500, and Warren Buffet’s Berkshire Hathaway.
Snippet from the Stacked Marketer Newsletter, taken from the author’s email account.

What’s up with Mr. Goxx, you wonder? You’re not alone. If you google it, you’ll hardly find much information. Sure, people are wondering whether the hamster coin is a good investment or not? They want to know how exactly do you trade hamster coins or how do you buy a hamster Crypto? And there are certainly plenty of folks out there who plainly ask what is Hamster coin anyway?

Here’s how the Staked Marketer is putting it:

“Mr. Goxx has a pretty unique investing strategy. He starts by walking on an “intention wheel.” He then enters one of two tunnels. The first is the “buy” tunnel, and the second is the “sell” tunnel.

Which one does he walk down? That probably depends on how good his day was or if he got the hamster food with those niblets he likes for breakfast.

Either way, this rodent’s success means one of two things: either hamsters are extremely good at picking stocks, or anyone can get lucky with a few trades in a volatile market.”

So, is this really trading? Or is it gambling?

It certainly reminds me of the binary options I used to write copy for, back in my early days as a copywriter for an email marketing “agency”. You know those binary…



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