Congratulations on your 16-weeks pregnancy, Sylvia! I can tell you're going to be an amazing mom. You just care about it so much! I'm pretty much in the same boat as you are - I say pretty because I'm still contemplating on the idea of having a second child. I, like you, have been told that there's no way you can love one more than the other. They say love doesn't divide but rather exponentially grows when you add another wonderful, tiny human being to your family. I guess that my main concern is that I will need to split the time, not the love. The time that I can now devote entirely to my firstborn will undoubtedly be divided when the second child comes around. Still, the full side of the glass is that both your children will grow with a sibling, which can only make room for infinite new experiences. Experiences that a single child can't possibly have, no matter how much his parents love him. You're giving Andriel a sibling, an invaluable gift that will last for a lifetime! And the start might be rocky, but you're in for an incredible journey!

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