Congrats on the 4K followers milestone, Dan!

And thank you for yet another thoughtful answer packed with valuable advice.

It's no wonder you're getting so many followers with all the time you invest in sharing your knowledge with us [blushing]

You're right. I haven't noticed the connection between follower count and the authors who make it to the front page.

Sometimes, when you're trying too hard, even though you're looking at what's in front of you, you're seeing through it rather than seeing it :D

I've been thinking about how much Medium changed and was still unsure whether it's best to fly solo or stick to the communities around publications. A select few writers to grow together with, however, didn't cross my foggy mommy brain, though [rolls her eyes]

All this was indeed helpful. Thank you so much once again! And definitely ttyl! :) (I confess, I googled "ttyl")

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