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Clients Want Human Quality Content for AI Prices

Nobody wants just the AI work.

Adelina Vasile
2 min readMar 19
Image by Alexandra_Koch from Pixabay

Potential client, 30 minutes into our initial discovery call: How do you feel about doing this work with ChatGPT?

Baffled me: Uhm, I can try if this is what you want.

OK, but how do you feel about ChatGPT, in general?

I feel it’s a tool that could give me an easy start, something to work from, but I still need to put in a lot of work.

Very well, then let me show you how we go about writing these advertorials with ChatGPT.

The process involved gradually asking more in-depth questions that give me specific ideas on what to write.

But the bigger picture? The advertorials had to:

✅ Provide ultra-specific, useful information that readers can put into practice the next day.

✅Avoid information you can easily track with a Google search.

✅ Exclude the patterns that AI content usually incorporates and that scream “I was written by a robot!

✅ Include a human-written introduction meant to show empathy and help connect with the reader on an emotional level.

What the client wanted was AI-sourced content with a human touch. More like a human massage than a brief touch.

Without that massage, the content would have looked like a very unhappy old man with inflamed joints, stiff muscles, and a primary orthostatic tremor.

I gave our first advertorial some serious massage that made it look more alive than dead. What did the client want to know after reviewing my work?

They asked: Would you estimate that, in time, as you get more used to ChatGPT, you could write a full advertorial like this one in 30 minutes or less?

At the end of the day, clients who want to work with AI don’t want the actual content.

They want the speed of someone whispering into your ear what to write.

And the low quotes that should accompany this fast-written content.



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