My past 19 articles in a row were chosen for further distribution and I don’t know why.

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Yes, I’m aware that this will kill my series of 19 curated articles because Medium doesn’t promote articles about Medium. But I’m still doing it because:

1.Having 31 articles out of 47 curated didn’t do much for my earnings anyway.


2.I’m sick of hearing others brag about untangling something that, at the end of the day, is still a mystery for pretty much anyone — the Medium algorithm.

Consider this a rant and feel free to drop a line below if you feel the same.

Where I’m standing

I’ve been writing on Medium since January 2021. …

Allow yourself to feel pleasure — it’s pure, healthy self-love.


I have a drawer where I keep miscellaneous I rarely use — things like a satin bodysuit, a lace bra, a silky soft cami. I either received them as gifts over the years or bought them myself, in a what-the-heck-was-I-thinking moment.

Anyway, I love looking at these things. I admire elusive lingerie that is supposed to make you feel better. Yet, I somehow terribly fail at letting it make me feel better. I go ahead and tell myself — Oh, I’m not sure that suits me. …

Why we got success and happiness all wrong.

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Many people seem to believe that the goal in life is happiness. This, of course, implies that happiness is something you need to work for. And like any other “work”, it requires doing a great job, scoring great success, and ultimately, reaching that great happiness.

We’re taught to work hard since we are little. We work hard to earn our parents’ praises, our teachers' good grades, our employers' appreciation, our partners’ love. Can you see how your happiness is always tied to someone else and always requires that you achieve something?

What if you take out the “come” from “become”…

On overcoming the fear of being too gentle with your child.

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Fear snuggles with your heart the moment you become a parent. As you hold that tiny pinky squashy baby at your chest and emotions nearly choke you, you realize that you literally hold his life in your hands. What a powerful and overwhelming feeling.

All decisions are on you. You have to be strong. You have to guard him. And you have to teach him how to live a good life. You can’t afford to be gentle. Can you? That would make you weak and you need to show him that you’re strong. …

An evidence-based secret to long-lasting relationships.

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Whether you fight about the dirty laundry, how much money your partner spent, or not recalling the last time you had sex, conflicts show up in any relationship.

But why is it that some couples live happily ever after, despite the inevitable occasional conflicts? And why do other couples meet up in court for a divorce, right when everyone could swear they were perfect for one another?

Couples who stand the test of time have something in common. Contrary to what you may believe, it’s not money. Or sex. Or communication. It’s not having / or not having children. And…

Work on self-acceptance, and confidence will come along.

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Do you tell yourself it would be great if you could be more confident? Perhaps you’d muster the courage to ask your boss for that raise. Or even throw your resignation on his office on your way out to a freelancing adventure. Tell your partner you’re done putting up with his manipulative crap. Or go solo on that trip you’ve been dreaming of. You could do so much if only you’d have more confidence, you think.

But what if it’s not your lack of confidence preventing you from achieving any of that?

You’d be surprised by what stands behind your inaction

After all, what keeps you from asking for…

A look back at how “Keeping up with the Joneses” started.

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Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful,” said English textile designer William Morris back in 1880. Why didn’t he mention, though, that this shouldn’t apply to your significant other or to whatever the Joneses have in their home? Why?! Oh well, if you ask me, we’re at war. We’re caught in the middle of it, right between the useful and the beautiful. Perhaps people didn’t know it at the time. Yet the moment they invited “beautiful” into their homes, off they went to war. …

I tried everything. Nothing worked. Except for this one thing I discovered accidentally…

Cute little hamster chewing food just the way you’d want your toddler to do it. Listen closely and you might even hear the munching sound! Source: Pixabay

Some children are picky eaters but if you’re reading this, chances are yours isn’t. On the contrary, he could actually bite your head off if you don’t feed him enough food. Is that right? Your problem isn’t that your child won’t eat, but that he rather gulps at food, taking humongous bites that make your heart stop. Plus, he’s not chewing his food properly either. What a combo!

Think he’ll grow out of it? Maybe. Mine is almost three and hasn’t grown out of it. Not until recently. …

How do you deal with hurtful comments online?

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If you close your eyes, can you remember the first mean comment you got here on Medium? Assuming it wasn’t too long ago, I bet you do remember it. Same if you haven’t gotten too many rude comments so far. Still, if you’re a veteran, chances are you’ve had your share of such disappointments.

Maybe you don’t recall the words, but you know the feeling. And you know the drill. You’ve been hitting the refresh button again and again, looking for the notification icon to signal something. Something positive, of course, because no one is bleeding words looking to get…

And what you can do about it.

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You did it again. You realized what you were doing, yet you couldn’t keep your mouth shut. The scream burst from deep down your chest, and you felt like a spectator. You recall the scared look on your child that seemed to say, “What’s wrong with you, mommy?” and the thought that flew out the window, “ Why can’t I stop screaming?” Few things are worse in parenting than witnessing how you become this person you don’t like, and you don’t recognize, right in front of your scared, confused child.

You got triggered and couldn’t keep your calm anymore. What…

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Mother, writer, thinker. Striving to be the change I want to see in the world.

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