“Self-love is the greatest middle finger of all time.“

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You’re not selfish if you want to take a break from carrying that child in your arms all over the house.

You’re not selfish if you want to take a shower alone. Not even if you want to wee all by yourself.

You’re not selfish if you want to leave your child with his father for a few hours, every once in a while.

You’re not selfish if you don’t want to read the same bedtime story for the tenth time in a row.

You’re not selfish if you don’t want to be a stay-at-home mom.

You’re not selfish if…

5 things people wrongly assume about us vegans.

Person holding green vegetables
Person holding green vegetables
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I like to have my green salad with a side salad. And some pesto sauce drizzled on top of it — that is pesto sauce without parmesan, of course. There, I’ve said it. Don’t go running just yet. Stay with me for a while. I have cookies — vegan cookies, but still. Gosh, I often wonder why we, vegans, are so terribly misunderstood.

I mean, I’ve made peace with the fact that I will forever be the outcast at all family dinners. But I still not-so-secretly hope, like in that famous song from the ’60s, sang by… The Animals, “Please…

“Life is about not knowing and then doing something anyway” — Mark Manson

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When you decide to have children, you expect it to change your life for good, forever. You don’t know what that means, but you’re getting into it anyway. Because “life is all about not knowing and then doing something anyway”, right?

My firstborn threw me into a rollercoaster. I’m not getting down anytime soon. But I’m learning to live with it. And more often than not, I’m lovin’ it. Even though I’m an “allergy” mom and it hit me without warning.

I was 38 weeks pregnant and went for my weekly checkup on Monday, the 1st of October. The doctor…

How I try to navigate through it all, inspired by dr. Laura Markham.

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When a small child can’t have something he wants, he will get upset. Really upset. So upset that hitting you might become his way of lashing out. And he will do it not just once, but as many times as you let him. All while you’re in shock. Possibly even with him laughing as you try to show him that you’re also in pain.

I, for one, was certainly in shock when my precious baby started to show attitude. From hitting the closest person to him to ripping pages out of the books that he loved, the little guy struggled…

Showing up and being present makes for great bonding with the child.

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On the many times that I leave my 2.5-year-old son upstairs with his grandparents and try to work downstairs, I tell myself that I have to do this. I’m going to buy him lots of cool toys and awesome books and take him to amazing getaways when I take a day off. My husband is pretty much the same — he and I have a dream to retire earlier, and we’re also planning on doing some serious savings to give our little guy a decent start in life.

Still, our son doesn’t get it. He just protests upstairs from the…

Thoughts on children’s inborn openness, curiosity & confidence.

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As parents, we think we need to do a lot of things for our children. And that is true. We love them, feed them, change their clothes, and keep them safe and sound — which is no easy task. But there are also many things we wrongly believe we should do.

For instance, we tell them how to feel about the world around them rather than putting words to their feelings and helping them understand what they feel. …

Don’t let parenting with the brain put a lock on your heart!

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Most of the good parenting books out there encourage parents to understand the child’s brain and set their expectations accordingly.

Breathe. Watch your tone. Relax. It’s nothing personal, don’t feel offended. Wait for the storm to pass, and then help the child rationalize what happened.

All this is excellent advice. Still, I can’t help but notice how we tend to rationalize things to a point where we leave little room for showing our feelings. It’s as if parenting using the brain makes us shut down our hearts. We do our best to be present and think of what is going…

And why you shouldn’t let social media depress you.

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Perhaps you’ve already noticed that the more time you spend on social media, the sadder and more depressed you’re likely to feel.

Even if you didn’t need a study to confirm it, there is one, and it was published at the end of last year in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine.

What you’ve experienced firsthand is what Dr. Brian Primack, study author, summed up toscrolling through ‘the reels of other people’s lives, and coming away with a feeling of ‘I don’t measure up.’”

But Can You Tell That You Don’t Measure Up?

Everyone on social media seems to be happier than you. Your life doesn’t measure up…

And why the world needs more parents who respect their children

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Have you noticed how being respectful to yourself or others brings only good outcomes?

If you respect your body, you don’t eat junk, you do your best to have enough rest, and don’t feel offended by the idea of going out for a brisk walk or a slightly more intense activity.

If you respect your neighbor, you avoid getting into fights, and you might as well count on his help on various occasions.

If someone comes to you upset and ready to argue with you, but you treat him with respect, he will be taken by surprise and tone down…

But loving arms that hold them while they cry about the lessons learned

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My son fell off the wooden bench in our kitchen. He’s 2.5 years old and not tall enough to get down on the ground safely. He jumped, slipped, and hit his head on the edge of the bench. I scooped him up, grabbed an ice pack and a clean towel, and placed it at the back of his head. As I tried to reposition the bag a few seconds later, I heard my husband say, “He’s bleeding.”

I don’t know how I didn’t faint right then and there and, instead, found the strength to come with some band-aid and betadine…

Adelina Vasile

Mother, writer, thinker. Striving to be the change I want to see in the world.

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