Here’s what you should know as a beginner looking for freelance work.

I made my choice over ten years ago. And if I’d have to do it again, I’d pick Upwork again without hesitation.

I know you could be making a lot more money outside of these platforms. But you’re not, which means you have to start somewhere.

So, if you’re looking…

The said mom is a top-rated, non-native English speaker with a 100% job success score.

I recently got an Upwork Happy Anniversary email reminding me that 5 years ago I started my journey on this freelancing platform as a writer. I’m a non-native English speaker who managed to keep a…

The prehistoric-old-fashioned way.

They say intermittent fasting can make your body lose weight fast. They all act as if it’s the latest scientific discovery when, in fact, the strategy could really use a bit more scientific backup.

If you’re a chronic dieter desperate for actual results, or a fitness enthusiast aiming to push…

My past 19 articles in a row were chosen for further distribution and I don’t know why.

Yes, I’m aware that this will kill my series of 19 curated articles because Medium doesn’t promote articles about Medium. But I’m still doing it because:

1.Having 31 articles out of 47 curated didn’t do much for my earnings anyway.


2.I’m sick of hearing others brag about untangling something that…

Why we got success and happiness all wrong.

Many people seem to believe that the goal in life is happiness. This, of course, implies that happiness is something you need to work for. And like any other “work”, it requires doing a great job, scoring great success, and ultimately, reaching that great happiness.

We’re taught to work hard…

Defuse tension and go on about your day while making someone happy.

You’re late. Again.

Finally! What took you so long?

At last, you decided to honor us with your presence.

If you ever ran late anywhere, chances are you’ve heard one of these answers or variations of it. Negative variations. Especially if you’re the type of person that the Universe often…

“It Won’t Always Be Like That”

The days are long but the years are short” — Gretchen Rubin

No parent needs to hear this in the heat of the moment. On those long, lonely nights, when their arms feel like being pulled off the shoulders while dragging the weight of a restless little crier. …

Hold on to me for a little longer.

Dear friend from my before-children life,

I know it’s hard to believe it, but it’s still me.

I’m here, thinking about you. About us. About how we used to meet out in the city. Or jump on a call at the weirdest hours.

And I know I had a missed…

And we should be talking more about it.

People seem to excel at giving parenting advice to those who solicit it the least. The moment you dare tell the world that you’re expecting, you can expect to be flooded with unsolicited advice. And the things they tell you…

Oh, your whole world will change.

Oh, I hope you’ve…

Oh boy, oh boy, how I was wrong.

Once upon a time, you were your child’s whole world. Tucked in your belly, he felt cuddled and loved. You brought him with tears and joy to this Earth. There you stood, thinking there’s so much he’ll learn.

You were eager to teach your child everything you know, make him…

Adelina Vasile

Aspiring toddler taming master, part-time (copy)writer. Hit me up at

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