5 Preschool Drop-Off Mistakes Parents Make. Why & How To Avoid Them.

The subtle art of saying goodbye at preschool.

Adelina Vasile
10 min readSep 5, 2022


The image of a blond boy with blue eyes, apparently sad, possibly after the separation from his parents in the morning at preschool.
Image by Kris from Pixabay

Every morning you go through this horrendous battle just to leave the house.

Once you get to preschool, it gets worse. The child clings on to you, begging you not to leave them, with heart-breaking teardrops rolling down their sweet little face.

You suck it up (while dying inside) and keep searching for tweaks that will make the breakup a bit more endurable the next day.

The problem?

The tweaks aren’t helping. And if they prevent the child from crying while you’re there, it doesn’t stop them from crying once you’re gone.

The worst part?

If you’re making one particular mistake that many parents are unknowingly guilty of, you’re looking at a lot more damage than exhausting crying.

What if, instead of looking at what to do to help your kid adjust to the preschool morning separation, you look at what not to do?

Avoiding a couple of things can prove life-changing.

Below are five of those things, the most common mistakes parents make, and the reasons why you should avoid them.

What’s preschool drop-off like for your child?

Preschool is a whole new world.

Taking your little one into this world, after years of being at home in a comfortable, familiar environment, is a serious anxiety reason.

They’re looking at new people, rules, and crying children.

They’re forced to look up solutions for getting what they need.

They aren’t allowed to get out of there and a bunch of strangers is trying to make them obey to their rules.

Also, they don’t know how long it will be until you’re coming back because they lack the time notion.

Why would they happily want to stay there? Why would you expect them not to fight the stay?

Once you remind yourself of all these, you’ll become more sensitive about the way you say goodbye and avoid the following five big Nos of preschool…



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