3 Signs You’re Doing Much Better Financially Than Others (Even When You Think You Don’t)

And the really important question.

Adelina Vasile


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Kings are wealthy in riches and paupers in time.

Yet there’s no way to tell which one is happy or which one has enough.

Because wealth means an abundance of valuable possessions or money, it’s a matter of perspective. Of what you find valuable.

But even when you know what that is, the second you get it, you’re at the risk of taking it for granted.

That’s why you may be closer to a king yet strangely feel closer to a pauper.

The earth holds an abundance of everything.

If you’re struggling financially and think you’re having it worse than many, ask yourself the following questions.

What do you do when something breaks?

Things break all the time.

But have you noticed how it’s never just a shoelace that breaks, but the whole damn shoe sole?

Not just a mug, but the whole damn expresso machine?

It’s the most expensive things, or the ones you can’t live without, that break at the most inconvenient times.

Whether you replace or fix those things, where you take the money from tells you how you’re doing, financially.

We once found out we needed to pay a hefty lump sum for an unexpected car fix.

The expense took us by surprise.

-I don’t get it, I told my husband. I thought we were doing OK with the money.

-Yeah, and we do, he replied calmly.

-Then why are we still here, arguing about where to take the money from?

-So that’s what’s bothering you? After all, we’re going through our own financing options, we’re not talking about borrowing money.

Duh… So, it’s one thing when you ask if you should borrow from family or use a credit card.

And a different thing if you ask from which pocket or account of yours to take the money.

What do you do when your children want…



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