3 Healthy Ingredients You May Haven’t Heard of or Tried Before

That help diversify your diet and ease digestion

Adelina Vasile
8 min readJan 23, 2022


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Are you as busy as popcorn on a skillet? Or maybe as a couch potato?

No matter how you live, food plays a significant role in your life. And you should care about the variety of what you put in your mouth.

When you’re not feeding your body enough nutrients, you can be in a pickle anytime soon.

Do you have an aversion to new foods? How about if you sprinkle a new ingredient on your favorite foods to begin with?

Here, let me introduce you to just three of them. Consider it food for thought and belly.

1. Carob powder

Carob is an evergreen Mediterranean tree.

It makes these dark brown, long, wide, flat pots. They’re incredibly comforting to squish and pop once they get dry late in the autumn.

In Romania, where I live, it’s not uncommon to see it through parks or in the countryside. As a child, I played with carob pots countless times.

Still, I only discovered carob powder when I became a mother, and my son was diagnosed with multiple food intolerances. Cocoa wasn’t an option for us. Carob was.

What does carob taste like?

You may not like the answer, but it’s a unique taste. You can tell it has a nutty flavor. Sweet, with a slightly sour note.

If you look up recipes, you’ll see you can swap it one-for-one when replacing chocolate chips or cocoa powder.

I use it with vegetable milk and spices to make drinks. Not the hot chocolate or coffee that tickles my fancy, but it does the work.

I also add it to various dishes — cereals, pancakes or muffins, and the avocado & banana mash that makes a chocolate-ish cream.

Is carob better than cocoa?

Carob has lower histamine levels than cocoa. It is easier to tolerate by people on a low histamine diet.

It is lower in fat and minerals but higher in carbs, sugar, and fibers.



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