2 Book Summary Apps For A Smarter You

Wouldn’t you like the key learnings of a book in under 15 minutes?

Adelina Vasile


Are you open to new ideas but can’t find the time to read books?

How about if you read book summaries? There’s a lot you can learn from those too, and even in a condensed manner that can only arouse your curiosity.

Worst case scenario, you’ll hit back and binge scroll your social media feed. Best case scenario, you might love one particular summary enough to make you want to read the whole book. And in between these two? Plenty of things you’ll get to learn, for sure.

In the pre-covid era, one could have read these book summaries while commuting to work.

But we can still do a decent job while sitting on the toilet, wouldn’t you think so?

Here we go:

Blinkist: Big ideas in small packages

Blinkist has a website and an app.

Within the app, you get the Free Daily function. Each day, you’re being recommended a book title, and they unlock its summary for you to read it for free. Only on that day!

Blinkist has over 5,000 book summaries on all the nonfiction topics you can think of. It also shows you other related titles to the one you get to read for free. So, it’s an excellent opportunity to “serve the curious minds,” as they like to put it.

To top it off, the summaries are in what they call a “made-for-mobile” format — as I told you, perfect for those times when you’re sitting on the toilet, and you’ve had enough of all the s*** you’re being fed on social media.

getAbstract: The world of business, summarized

getAbstract is only free for a 3-day trial period and has special plans, including a free one, for verified students.

Otherwise, you’ll have to check their payment plans here, which are differentiated between summaries on personal development, respectively personal & professional development.

This is, indeed, a tad more sophisticated, and it has the advantage of being one of the oldest such services, with one of the most extensive collections…



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